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Secret Recipes - Rolled Omelette

Rolled Omelet

This is much easier to prepare than it looks. Think of anything that you’d add to an omelet – veggies, cheese, meats, etc., just cut slightly smaller.

• 12 eggs
• 4 oz cream cheese
• 2/3 c milk
• 2 T flour

• Combine cheese and milk. Add eggs, add flour. Mix well.
• Heat oven to 325⁰.
• Take heavy gauge standard size cookie sheet (I think it’s 12” x 17”). Spray Pam, line with parchment paper (wax paper or foil will not work), spray Pam again.
• Pour batter in pan, cook for approximately 10 – 12 minutes until batter is firm but not dry.  Remove.
• Sprinkle or spread cheese, added other ingredients.
• Carefully roll the length-wide – just like a jelly roll. Let sit until all the ingredients are happy.
• Cut into small rolled pieces and serve. I garnish with a variety of items based on what I’ve used for the roll, i.e., cooked mushrooms with a spinach/feta combo, sliced and cooked cherry tomatoes with goat’s cheese and asparagus, etc. Shaved hard cheese, parsley, crumbled bacon bites are always a nice garnish as well.